Hiking at Gunung Tampin Selatan on 18th June 2022

 Hiking at Gunung Tampin Selatan on 18th June 2022

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have stopped the hiking activities for 2 years and now, these activities will be continue to meet our objective such as 


  • To encourage employee on important of healthy lifestyle 
  • Increase level of self-confidence to the participant  
  • To strengthen the mental & emotions in our daily work challenge.  



Unknown said…
Healthy activity and we should continue with more challenging mountain/hills
Expect more participants for next activity.

Keep it up PCA Hiking Team!!
Anonymous said…
Activity which can refresh our minds, strengthen relationship among employees and indirect health therapy. Hope this useful program can be continued and PCA sport club keep promoting & organizing healthy activity in future.

All the best to PCA team.