Donation for PCA & Associate Group Nepal Worker’s Family Members

We have successfully collected fund of RM 6,625.00 from our employees and sub-contractors.The money was distributed
during our safety Day on 6th May 2015. The distributions are as follows :-

Santa Kumar (D2)                             : RM 1,400.00
Mankaji Tamang (Vetec)              : RM 1,400.00
Shree Narayam Mahto (HCE)      : RM 1,400.00
Ashok Thing Tamang (D1)             : RM 1,400.00
Lali Maya Tamang (HHIS)              : RM 525.00
Sandip Lama (D1)                             : RM 500.00

The Management would like to express their heartiest gratitude to all the staff who donated for the earthquake victims.