Hexagon Annual Dinner 2014 - Masquerade NITE!

Mana? Sama Sama Hotel Sepang
Bila?  10 Jan 2014- 7pm -12pm
Berapa?  more than 450 Person! > 350 Gift!
Kenapa?  Hexagon Forever Boleh!

Great Job Hexagon once again! Greatest Show ever!
I am sure we will miss this night again!

Special thanks to all Management Support and all the hardwork by committees !

See Photo/Video Link as below.
0. Preview: http://goo.gl/sSNbGL
1. Opening: http://goo.gl/4JX7Ch
2. Sama Sama Performer: http://goo.gl/2hkhT9
3. Lucky Draw stuff : http://goo.gl/LT9gTb
4.a Staff performance Group a: http://goo.gl/jKrR9A
4.b Staff Performance Group b: http://goo.gl/ft7Vud
4.c Staff Performance Group c: http://goo.gl/QG8wh2
4.d Staff Performance Group d: http://goo.gl/yOSKgf
4.e Staff Performance Group e: http://goo.gl/WeIkob
4.f Staff Performance Group f: http://goo.gl/6oygqA
4.g Staff Performance Group g: http://goo.gl/Vcfsek
4.i Staff Performance Winner : http://goo.gl/J2DjLK

5. Best Dress competition : http://goo.gl/LNY5Hz
6. Games Jagung Jagung : http://goo.gl/iY5lEP
7. Group Photos:  http://goo.gl/JRQCG6
8. Wrap up : http://goo.gl/U7lXA5


Come back more offen, many BIG HD video is still uploading.